Monday, May 12, 2014

Totally Free Instrument by Type

New List of Totally Free Instruments

New List of Free Synths

New List of Kontakt freebies

 This list won't be updated anymore.

Totally Free Instruments Organized by Type

A longstanding solid DAW is now free. Sonar which used to be owned by Cakewalk is now owned by Bandlab and called Cakewalk. Don't worry if that is confusing, the point is Cakewalk is a top 10 DAW and it is free. You can get it here. Note that you have to create a Bandlab account or link it to Google or Facebook to use Cakewalk.

There is a Youtube video about how to download and install it. Do not call the tech support number on the video or you will pay for advice! There are other good videos in the series, again don't call the number just watch the videos.

There is another passable DAW called Tracktion which is free. Here is Version 6.

There are three instrument formats on the this list VSTi, SFZ and SF2.
VSTs or VSTis simply load into your DAW and don't need special software to play.
SFZ and SF2 files may require a player if your DAW doesn't have built in support.
For SFZ format use Sforzando 
For SF2 use DSK SF2

Multi Instrument Plugin
These VSTs offer many instruments that load into the basic player. Often they are demos, but they are fully functional and free.

Sample Science Player (VST)
Kontakt 5 Player (VST)
Or the Komplete Players (VST) including Guitar Rig and Reaktor Players
Sampletank 3 Custom Shop (VST)
Proteus VX (VST)

Large Instrument Collections
bigcat collection (VSTi)
Necromare VSTs (Win 32bit VSTi)

Free Sounds for ARIA Engine Volume 1 (SFZ) Works with Sforzando
Musyng Kite Soundfont (SF2) 

Entire Orchestra
Virtual Playing Orchestra (SFZ)
VSCO 2 Community Orchestra (SFZ)
VSCO2 Community Orchestra (VSTi)
VSCO 1 Orchestra (VSTi)
Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra (SFZ)
Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra (VSTi)
Bellatrix Orchestra Final and SJ Orchestral GM (SF2) along with others
DSK Overture (VSTi)
DSK Virtuoso (VSTi)
Squidfont Orchestral (SF2) 

String Section
DSK Strings (VSTi)
Sustain Strings SFZ Lite (SFZ) (requires email)
Orchestral Strings One (VSTi)
D. Smolken's multi-sampled double bass  (SFZ)
Karoryfer x bigcat Cello (SFZ)
Meatbass (SFZ)
Cellofan (VSTi)
Solo Cello (SFZ)
Double Bass Pizz (SFZ)
Warm Strings (SFZ)
M-theory (VSTi)

DSK Brass (VSTi)
NoiseCrux Multisampled Brass Ensemble (SFZ)
Iowa Brass (VSTi) bottom of the page
Mihai Sorohan Muted Trumpet (SF2) 

RECsoprano (VSTi)
Ixox Flute (SF2)

Sonatina Choir (VSTi)
NST Vocal (VSTi)

DSK ChoirZ (VSTi)

Organs / Church Bells
S30 (VSTi)
Combo Model F (VSTi)
Orgue de Salon (SF2) (a house organ)
Supertone (VSTi)
The Ghent Carillon (SF2)
Carillon (VSTi)

The Blanchet 1720 (SF2)
The Small Italian (SF2)

Ivy Audio Piano in 162 (SFZ) Steinway
Ivy Audio Piano in 162 Alternative Link (SFZ) - Must register
Estate Grand LE (SFZ) Kawai - Must register. 
Sampletank 3 Custom Shop (VST) includes a lovely Steinway
Piano One (VSTi) Yamaha C7
Salamander Piano (SFZ) Yamaha C5
bigcat pianos - Baldwin, Steinway, Upright (SFZ / VSTi)
CV Piano (VSTi) Kawia
VS1 Upright (VSTi)  Upright
4Front Piano (VSTi) Upright
DSK AkoustiK KeyZ (VSTi)
Jazz Baby (VSTi) Upright
New Horizon Steinway & Yamaha (SFZ)
Upright Piano (pre 1900) (SF2) Upright - Must register
Prova (VSTi) Upright
HS Classic Grand (SF2, Sampletank, Refill)
MDA Piano (VSTi) 

MDA E-Piano (VSTi)
4Front E-Piano (VSTi)
4Front R-Piano (VSTi)
DSK RhodeZ (VSTi)
Mister Tramp 2 (VSTi)

Acoustic Guitars
Flame Studios  (SF2)
FS Ibanez Steel String Acoustic Guitar with Fender Reverb
FS Seagull Steel String Acoustic Guitar with Fender Reverb
FS Kay 5-String Banjo (SF2)
Shinyguitar (SFZ) Archtop Guitar
Ample Sound Lite (VSTi)
Natural Concert Guitar (SFZ)
Ultimate Guitar Kit 2  or here (SF2) from the guy who owns orange tree samples now
Spicy Guitar (VSTi)
Revitar 2 (VSTi) (Acoustic, Electric and Bass)
Oderions Guitar Steel Chords (SFZ)

Electric Guitars
Flame Studios (SF2)
FS Fender Jaguar Electric Both Pick-ups Guitar and Amp
FS Fender Telecaster Both Pickups and Amp
FS Gibson Les Paul Electric Both Pick-ups Guitar and Amp
FS Fender Jaguar Electric Guitar Both Pickups Direct In
FS Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar Bridge Pickup Direct In
FS Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar Neck Pickup Direct In
FS Gibson Les Paul Bridge Pick-Up Electric Guitar Direct In
FS Gibson Les Paul Neck Pick-Up Electric Guitar Direct In
Cute Emily (SFZ)
Cute Emily (VSTi)
DSK Electrik GuitarZ (VSTi)
DVS Guitar (VSTi)
NoiseCrux Peavey Predator electric guitar (SFZ)
Les Paul SG Custom (VSTi)
Suburban Guitarist (VSTi)

Bass Guitars
(note if bass guitar makes no sound, transpose midi 1 octave higher)
Pasta Bass (SFZ)
Flame Studios (SF2)
FS Washburn Acoustic Bass Guitar
FS Ibanez Electric Bass Guitar
FS Yamaha Electric Bass Guitar
Project16 Rick 4001 Bass (SFZ)
Project16 Rick 4001 Bass (VSTi)
GrowlyBass (SFZ)
SwagBass (SFZ)
FashionBass (SFZ)
Ergo Electric Upright Bass (SFZ)
Ample Bass P Lite II (VSTi)
Precission E-Bass (SFZ)
Free Bass (SFZ)
DSK BassZ (VSTi)
4 Front Bass (VSTi)
Tubed Bass (SFZ)

Guitar / Bass Amps
Ignite Amps
Guitar Rig Free
Fretted Synth  

Drum Kits
DrumMic'a (VSTi) Amazing drumset with midi patterns, but you have to register in German. This site walks you through it. It's a pain, but likely the best free instrument in existence.
SM Drums (SFZ & Others)
MT Power Drum Kit (VSTi) note requires free registration 
Salamander Drumkit (SFZ) Download the samples. Then you add the sfz files as instructed.
Free Jazz Funk Drum Sample Library (SFZ) Get the SFZ files here.
Open Source Drumkit (SFZ)
MF Natural Drumset (SFZ)
Easyrider and RuffRider (SFZ)
Pettinhouse Kits (SF)  

Electronic Drum Kits
Da Real 110 (SFZ)

EDX80 (VSTi)
ERS Drums (VSTi)
Impaktor (VSTi)
Pettinhouse Kits (SF)
DSK DrumZ MachineZ (VSTi)
DSK DrumZ 8bitZ (VSTi)
DSK Synth Drums (VSTi)

DVS Saxophone (VSTi)
DSK SaxophoneZ (VSTi)
Bolder Instruments Mini Sax (SFZ)

Bolder Instruments Harmonica (SFZ)
DSK Harmonica (VSTi)

World Instruments
DSK World StringZ (VSTi) (Celtic harp, Cumbus, Dobro, Kanun, Koto, Dulcimer,
Tar, Turkish Oud)
DSK Indian DreamZ (Sitar, Sarod, Veena, Tar, Tampura & Tabla)
DSK Asian DreamZ (VSTi) (Pipa, Pipa tremolo, Luan, Guzhen, Erhu,
Ban di, Percussion kit)
Diatonic Accordion (SF2)
FLukelele Ukelele (SFZ)
Varazuvi Indian Flute (VSTi)
Bolder Instruments Thumb Piano (SFZ)
MF Taiko  Drum (SFZ)
Kettle Drum (VSTi)

Struck Idiophones
Alan ViSTa (VSTi) plus gongs and cymbals
PatchArena Marimba (SFZ)
Bowed Vibraphone (SFZ)
Xoxos Phybos (VSTi)
dmiHammer (VSTi)

Music Boxes, Toys and Oddities
The Taijiguy Mellotron (SFZ)
Bolder Sounds DIY Music Box (SFZ)
Bolder Sounds Toy Piano (SFZ)
Baby Piano (VSTi)
MF Tin Whistle (SFZ)
MF Glass Organ (SFZ)
The Grandfather's Clock (SF2)
The Shepherd (VSTi)

BlueArp (VST)

Other Resources
Bedroom Producers Blog has a slew of free VSTs including Instruments, Effects and Utilities.
VST4Free is devoted to free VSTis and has many gems.