Thursday, May 28, 2015

Free Bass Guitars

Continuing the band instruments with the big basses. As usual Pettinhouse has a very nice free instrument. The Project 16 Bass that he allowed me to Kontakt sounds good and has lots of articulations (I'm biased). Karoryfer's Pasta Bass is their best ever and awesome!

Pasta Bass (SFZ)
Direct Bass 2.0 (Kontakt)
Project 16 Bass V2 (Kontakt)
Flame Studios (SF2) or bigcat versions (Kontakt)
FS Washburn Acoustic Bass Guitar (SF2)
FS Ibanez Electric Bass Guitar (SF2)
FS Yamaha Electric Bass Guitar (SF2)
Rickenbacker 4001 electric bass (SFZ)
Control Centre Rickenbacker 4001 (Live)
Project16 Rick 4001 Bass (VSTi)
GrowlyBass (SFZ)
SwagBass (SFZ)
FashionBass (SFZ)
XMas Bass (Kontakt)
8 MSLP Basses (Kontakt)
Ergo Electric Upright Bass (SFZ)
Precission E-Bass (SFZ)
DSK BassZ (VSTi)
4 Front Bass (VSTi)
OM Bass 2 (VSTi)
Naturally Decaying Bass (SFZ)
Free Bass (SFZ) 
Tubed Bass (SFZ) 

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